Accelerated aging

Accelerated aging
Bad Habits that accelerate your aging!

Premature aging is an issue that concerns most of us, as it not only affects our physical appearance, but also our overall health. But we are aging on the “inside”, and we can do nothing to stop the process or?

What we can do is adapt our lifestyle to slow down the effects of aging.

Here you will find the most unhealthy habits that accelerate the aging process without you even know it

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1. Worry too much!

Stress can really wreak havoc on your mental, emotional and physical health, so you have to try not to let it interfere with your life. The reason that stress ages is very simple: age increases the excretion of norepinephrine and cortisol, two “negative” hormones that affect your immune system and also increase blood pressure.

2. Regular skin care routines!

Another bad habit that accelerates the aging process is the lack of a consistent, regular skin care routine. The concept of skin care does not only face and eye creams that we use on a daily basis; it also means staying hydrated and consume at least eight glasses of water a day.

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3. Poor eating habits!

There is a reason why our parents insisted on eating vegetables like children! If you know you have bad eating habits, so it is highly recommended to do something about it while you still can.

4. Lack of exercise!

The dangers of living a sedentary lifestyle is no longer a secret to anyone, and there are literally thousands of reports and documentaries, which points to the risk. Aldring 4

5. Neglecting not your sleep!

When we were little, refused many of us to take a good nap when our parents encouraged us. Now that we are adults, we often crave after a! But it is extremely important to make sure that you get enough sleep at night. On average, a healthy adult sleeps about seven hours a night.

6. Use sunscreen!

Another common mistake many of us tend to do is not to use sunscreen that protects us from harmful UVB rays.

While many women are addicted to makeup for sun protection, it is extremely important to use sunscreen and avoiding enlarged pores, brown spots and fine lines.

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7. Smoking!

Smoking is another very unhealthy habit that will undoubtedly accelerate the aging process.

8. Lack of regular sex! 

To enjoy sex with your partner is more than just getting the physical satisfaction.

A fact is that sex is a great natural antidepressant that can lift your mood right away, and you will be healthier.

Sex triggers the release of endorphins and other important chemicals in your body that will improve the function of your immune system.

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