Attack on the EARTH

Asteroid Impacts on Earth More Powerful than Nuclear Bomb!

Miami – As members of a group of elite cosmic explorers – they are among the few who have gone beyond the final frontier and looked down on Earth from space.

Inspired by the unique perspective they received from their homes EARTH and armed with surprising new information about the extent of the threat coming from asteroid strikes, a group of former NASA astronauts set out to “save the world”!

Fourteen months after a meteor exploded above Chelyabinsk in Russia, the strength of the equivalent to 30 Hiroshima bombs. “It is a huge gambling we play – it’s cosmic roulette” says Lu, whose group is working toward building and launching Sentinel, one $ 275 million – Cdn telescope that will mock rocks on a collision course with Earth, it will give us years or even decades of warning of a disaster!

Since 2001, the Earth has been hit by asteroids the size of Chelyabinsk rock or higher 26 times up to 10 times more than previously thought. “We are literally sliding disc” “That is the message – it will happen sooner or later – it’s only a matter of when”

Chelyabinsk asteroid ripped through the Earth’s atmosphere as a 67,000 – km / h fireball exploding almost 30 kilometers above the ground. It damaged 7,200 buildings in six cities and injured 1,500 people across a radius of 40 !miles

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