Consider your TATTOO very carefully

What you should consider, before making a tattoo

It is important that your choice is well thought through!
ave you decided that 2020 should be the year when you get yourself a tattoo, there are several things you should take into consideration before you leave yourself colored for life.

Have you, for example, thought about what a pregnancy can do a tattoo on his stomach?

Best advice for those who plan to decorate your body with a permanent subscription. Here are six selected aspects you should consider first:

1. Trends change

Chinese characters, tribal pattern, Celtic sign, stars. There is always a new fashion trend in the tattoo world, and before choosing a pattern that is hip right now, you should know that it goes out of fashion again, and then it can be less “nice” to wear themselves.

2. Pregnancy can change the skin

If you are planning to become pregnant at a time, then you should know that a pregnancy can lead to both stretch marks and loose skin afterwards. Avoid placing the tattoo on and around the abdomen.

3. Hide it

Even if you do not think so, you may well get into a situation in the future where you do not want to show your tattoo forward. So consider carefully where to place it, compared to how easy it is to cover, if necessary.

4. It will be bleached

A tattoo will fade with the years and the colors may change. For example, become black tattoos more greenish with time. You can have them sign up, but maybe the result is not so good, and the more colors and details that are, the harder it gets.

5. Permanent

It does not surprise you, and your starting point is surely that it is precisely the point that the tattoo is permanent. But if it is in your back of the head, you can always have it removed if you want to stop using it at a time, know that the removal of tattoos does not always happen with a satisfactory result. There will very often be traces of it anyway.

6. Risk of infection

You need needles under your skin, and it is always synonymous with a risk of infection or at worst disease transmission. So be sure to choose a reputable place that use clean and sterile needles. Stay away from spontaneous tattoos from suspicious sites on your vacation.

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