Crimes against humanity


Up to 120,000 political prisoners are being held in camps where they are subjected to gross violations!

In the camps, they are often exposed to torture, rape, starvation and women who become pregnant are forced to have abortions.

It describes a 372-page UN report on North Korea’s numerous human rights violations.

The UN report describes a country where everything is controlled by the state, and where the population is suppressed and kept in complete control.
Entire families risk being deported if just one member has done something that the regime does not allow.

It also notes that North Korea routinely kidnap foreigners – mainly South Koreans and Japanese, or former North Koreans living in China.

The regime uses the kidnapped to find out what is going on in the outside world, or as spouses of married North Koreans.

The entire 200,000 people have been kidnapped by the North Korean regime, estimates report.

UN states in the report established that happens numerous human rights violations in North Korea and that also constitute crimes against humanity. It – keeps apparently not a celebrity back!

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