A real issue is people who are oblivious to what they are giving up. Not everyone is informed and educated, this video aims to start a conversation so that users can educate themselves and then make informed decisions. Remember how many kids use these services, many of which don’t even know what TOS stands for. Who’s fault is it then? Who is responsible for educating these younger users of the information they are giving up to use that service? Many don’t understand what privacy really is.

The right to privacy – The Supreme Court decided that the right to privacy is implied in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th amendments in the 1965 grizwald vs. Connecticut case.

This video isn’t even just about privacy issues.

Facebook is dirty in other ways than that. Facebook requires users who have large followings to PAY PER POST and boost the post so it can reach the people ALREADY following them. Otherwise the post will only result in under 10% of the following seeing the post. It’s a dirty way to make money.

Facebook privacy
Should you delete Facebook!

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