Do You want to Ruin Your Daughter’s Life

Do You want to Ruin Your Daughter’s Life – of cause NOT!

Each mother, without exception, wants the best for her daughter.

Unfortunately, sometimes good deeds and intentions can have a harmful effect on your kid’s mental well-being, success and overall life. Various habits, behaviors, parenting styles and mistakes usually pass from one generation to another.

Rediscover your parenting style and learn about all the possible consequences of parental mistakes, you will have an opportunity to break the vicious circle and change things before it is too late. Do not let your words, actions and mistakes turn your daughter’s life into ruin – ways you can spoil your daughter’s life……

Life of the daughter
Do you want to …..


Many parents do not put enough significance to praise because they mistakenly think that it can turn their kids into self-serving narcissists.

It can happen only if you go too far and praise them undeservedly.

If you do not want your daughter to live in constant turmoil, fear, and insecurity, you should find the time and opportunity to tell her that she is unbelievably beautiful, capable and lovely girl. If you do it on a regular basis, these words will settle in her subconscious mind and make her confident in a quite short period of time.


Anxious mothers attach their daughters to themselves and fill their lives with numerous taboos and limitations because they find the modern world dangerous and wholeheartedly believe that even partial freedom can lead the child up the garden.

Result, girls shrink into their own shells, become diffident, socially excluded from active participation in the society and unable to make life choices independently.

Usually it happens when moms do not let them go out, date, socialize with whoever they wish and develop in the desired direction. Hyperprotection is a big mistake so give your daughter a chance to decide things for herself.

Dad in a negative light

It does not matter whether the father plays an active role in the process of your child’s upbringing or not, you should not speak ill of him in the presence of his daughter. Do not tell her that the father’s shortcomings are the signs or consequences of a bad heredity from him.

Even if he ruined the best years of your youth, you should not blacken his name today. Do not let your words and emotions instill hatred towards men in your daughter’s heart.

Try to accept your own share of responsibility for a failed marriage and keep your negative memories to yourself.

Attitudes towards life

A wrong attitude towards life can turn it into hell. Those mothers who want their daughters to be emotionally healthy and get far in life usually teach them to live and move on notwithstanding the widespread stereotypes.

If you hammer the ideas of getting married and childbearing under the age of 25 in her head, she will probably lose the meaning of life and fall into depression, if something goes wrong. Let her know that it is better to focus on self-actualization and development instead of living up to other people’s expectations and doing things she does not want to do.

Sort out your relationship

Fighting in front of your daughter is absolutely unacceptable, emotionally damaging act that can crush her spirit and strike terror in her fragile girl’s heart.

No matter how challenging the relationship with your husband is, your daughter should not see, absorb and analyze your conflicts. If she has already witnessed domestic violence or fights, both you and your husband should apologize to the kid and explain that it was a small misunderstanding.


Both boys and girls are afraid of corporal punishment, but psychologically, girls’ self-esteem is more vulnerable to it.

If you often raise your voice and corporally punish your daughter, you should keep in mind that such methods of discipline will turn her into a psychologically disturbed person with an extremely low self-esteem. Plus, there is a high probability that your daughter will marry an aggressor like her father in the future.

Attitudes towards men

Women who have at least once been burned by men in their past relationships or experienced a painful divorce, usually have a deep-seated spite against men. If you have gone through the same situation in the past, you should never tell your daughter that all men only want one thing.

Do not teach her to be excessively inaccessible to them. Otherwise, your daughter may think that a relationship is an unbelievably dangerous and negative experience. She will be subconsciously afraid of entering into a close relationship with men.

I hope, these little tips will help you correct your parental mistakes, avoid their harmful consequences and improve the quality of your daughter’s future life. In fact, the same applies to a son too.

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