Don’t wear underwear

Very good reasons why you should throw your panties away!

Can it really be true that there are good reasons why one should go without panties?

  • It is pleasant: We start with the main reason for it is really nice to drop the panties. Only you and your pants hanging out, like old friends who drink coffee.
  • It prevent infection down there: If it itches a lot down there, telling gynecologists that it is best that you drop under clothing. It is healthy and better for it if it gets some air down there.
  • So you avoid seeing panties edge: We’ve all seen it: A girl in very tight and bright pants that have forgotten that her pink Hello Kitty panties showing through. If you switch to be bottomless, you should never be worried about this. 4 Connect with panties that gnaws the wrong places.
  • Connect with panties digging in the wrong places: You’ve no doubt tried to dig a panty free who had been hiding completely up between the buttocks. If that’s not enough reason to drop your panties, I do not know what is.
  • You will feel sexier: Clearly, a beautiful set of underwear can be sexy, but what can be more daring than being completely nude in jeans? The little secret you have with yourself will give you so much confidence when you talk to people who do not know what’s going down in your jeans right now. Bonus: Your girlfriend will also love it!
  • Your pants will sit well: Is there some panties, you can not wear a certain pair of pants, because they get them to sit differently? Away with your panties – away with the problem!
  • It will feel nice: The pants sitting right next to your clit, will cause some pretty interesting feelings through the day. Stitching between the legs of your jeans will cause you unexpectedly suddenly feel warm down there. When that happens, smile to yourself and appreciate it. It does when the day a little more fun !?
  • You get less laundry: And who loves laundry? NONE! So how brilliant it is not just …
Do not wear PANTS
Loss your pants – underwear


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