Easy ways to lose WEIGHT

Gym daily and plenty of salad leaves …..

If you are tired of the kind of cure where you feel you are giving up on the good, comfortable life, luckily there are also easier roads – just read here.

  • Replace large plates with smaller. There must be less food to fill the dish, while cheating the brain to believe it has eaten more than it actually has, and you will feel more comfortable soon. And maybe you should even consider red, small plates. New research published in Appetite shows that the color red got the subjects to eat less food.

  • Sleep in a cold room. Research published in the magazine Diabetes shows that you do it, so you burn more of the white fat. The room must be below 19 °.

  • Drink approx. 2 glasses of water (5 dl) before eating. Research shows that people who did it lost more than people who did not drink before the food.

  • When you do not sleep enough, the hormone leptin will also fall. And that means your appetite will rise. Be sure to get your 8 hours a day.

Easy ways to lose weight!

How to lose weight
Easy ways to lose weight