Embarrassing skin problems

…… how to fix them

There are many taboos when it comes to problems that your skin creates for you.

Here are five of them. And solutions to all of them.

Armpits Sweating
Sweat armpit

1. Excessive sweating

According to Good Housekeeping struggling throughout the 8 million Americans with hyperhidrosis – a condition in which one produces more sweat. For many it is a great nuisance in everyday life when armpits, hands, feet and sometimes the face, produces excessive amounts of sweat.
Heidi Waldorf, dermatologist at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York, suggests that you get your doctor to print an antiperspirant, which is stronger than the one you can get in stores. If that’s not enough, she suggests small Botox injections to relieve sweat problem. Some places you can also get laser treatments that destroy the sweat glands, or liposuction, which removes them completely.

Hair Nipple
Do you have hair on your nipple

2. Hair on the nipple

You knew it might not, but all people, including women, have actually hair on your chest. But only 30 percent of women that they can really be seen. Sometimes visible nipple hair linked to a hormonal imbalance.

Stick to trim chest hair, or pull them out with tweezers.

Pimples Butt
Butt Pimples

3. Butt Pimples

It may well be that the warty excrescence, you sometimes get on your bottom, similar to pimples. But do not worry, it is not acne. It is actually irritated hair follicles, which most likely react to friction against your clothes. It may also be exacerbated by the presence of bacteria in the area.
Rebecca Tung, who is dermatologist at Loyola University, suggests the patients who experience “bum bums” as a problem that they go a size up in training leggings so that air is allowed to circulate a little easier. In addition, it may help to use breathable shorts and using an antibacterial soap when bathing.

4. Anal itching

Itching in the buttocks may be due both understated and excessive washing, washing with too tough soap, perfume soaked rags, eczema and psoriasis.
Therefore, use pH-neutral soap to make you clean in the area is the advice.

Breast SWEAT
Fermentation under your breasts

5. “Fermentation” under the breast

Are there too humid during your chest, it is an optimal range for fermentative growth. This is especially true for women with large breasts. Moisture thrive namely very well in the area in which it is closed to the breast and belly.

So if you find that you have itching and redness in the area, it is probably over, there is a fermentation process in motion.
However, this can easily be avoided simply by ensuring that the area under the breasts at all times be kept dry. Remember to dry thoroughly after bath – use like a hair dryer set to cold temperature.

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