Get rid of your crowded thoughts

Thoughts that jump uncontrollably around like a herd of wild monkeys can keep us awake at night and stress throughout the body. Drop the idea of training them and become good friends with your many thoughts.


A flock of wild animals inside your head? To some untamed monkeys who wake up at night and jump around while they pound their chest and make the most inappropriate questions when you should rest quietly in dreamland. What if I’m not good enough at my job? Regrets, should we buy a house? What if, what if no ..?

Buddhists have a concept they call the monkey mind. That translates to excessive thoughts, and many of us suffer from too many thoughts when we are faced with a big decision, is stressed or emotionally disturbed.

The thoughts running in circles, and concerns continue to take the attention, even if we try to chase them away. Typical gases thought the crowd up at night, we wake up abruptly, and the first waking thought is the concern. Every third or fourth adult suffer from mild to severe insomnia. Often the culprit is excessive thoughts, which may indicate that we are being severely stressed.

Get out of the danger zone

The monkeys appear, among other things forward from a center in the brain called the amygdala, which is activated when the vital things at stake: Especially amygdala reacts to food and sex, or when we feel threatened.

– Are we pressured and stressed, the amygdala interprets it as a threat, says psychologist Frank Vestergaard Olsen, who is specialized in processing trauma.

Learn how you can reduce your stress levels with mindfulness.

The mind is hijacked in the quest to identify the threat, and no one finds the brain itself. The organism does indeed need something to orient themselves for when the amygdala has set the body on alert. Something must be done – right now! And that gives excessive thoughts.

– To calm down we need to get the amygdala out of the danger zone. That is best achieved by causing the body to rest. The brain sends all the time signals to the body: are you just sitting there and doing nothing on, you are in danger! If the body responds that there is peace and quiet down here, the brain will also accept a peace settlement.

Drop dressage

Psychologist, yoga and meditation teacher Birgitte Gorm Hansen has arranged yoga workshops specifically focused on getting control of excessive thoughts. Not by checking the Monkey or operate the monkeys away, but instead becoming good friends with the mind.

– It is no problem to think insane thoughts. We do this every day. The problem is your relationship to the mind.

– If you have a good idea offers you the like welcome. But if the concern thoughts unleashed at four in the morning, you will typically try to train the monkeys and press thoughts away. You have made your own head into a war zone.

In her teaching, she is working on getting the students to accept that as the body sweats when we make every effort, sweat brain thoughts.

The trick is to accept them, to relax without agenda and expectations and just let the thoughts come depends. It’s okay that your mind is preoccupied with whether your child falls on the new school. But let the body get a rest. Her advice is that the monkeys just need to be released on grass and give it gas. If you accept it, they’ll be tired at some point.

Here are two exercises that can help you relax:

1. Relaxation Exercise – remember exhalation and release mind

Exercise is good if the mind is teeming night. If the body relaxes, the brain will follow

● Be lying in bed and put one hand on his forehead, the other hand on the back of the head. Hands gets rutted centers in the brain to relax.

● Count to five on one breath, count to 5 on an exhalation, then inhale and exhale the same length. At the same time keeps the census brain engaged, so the mind does not get out of hand. Feel your hands.

● Continue until you feel a changed, more relaxed feeling in the body. If the body relaxes, the brain will follow at some point.

Is the bed your worst enemy? Is your insomnia so bad that it stresses you to stay in bed? Do something boring. Did not see the TV series – something really boring. Go to sleep somewhere other than your bed.

2. Say stop exercise

The exercise can be used during the day, for example. if you are pressured at work, and mind standing in line to take over your attention. Attention is your own – the exercise is to hijack the back.

● Say STOP inside yourself. Feel, how you feel in your body. You must not consider it – it’s just a single forecast. Now you know.

● Is your mind already swarming over the next week, say STOP again. Take another forecast.

● Repeat STOP and forecast a few times before you let the breath taking attention.

● Take at least three deep breaths when you count to 5 on both inhalation and exhalation, then inhale and exhale the same length.

● Feel the body and the space around you – it feels different than before?

● Are you more calm, you can now turn your attention back to what you were doing.

Source: Lic. and specialist in trauma Frank Vestergaard Olsen DK

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