Healthy in the morning, go to bed at

Do you want to be healthy in the morning? Then you should go to bed at these times –

 According to the theory, it is not the length of sleep, but when you wake up.

When should I go to bed to be healthy and fresh next day? Is that a question, you often ask yourself?

Sleep is divided into four stages:

Sleeping Cycles to wake up fresh
How to get the most out of your sleep
  • Daze
  • Easy sleep
  • Deep sleep and
  • Dream sleep or REM (Rapid Eye Movement

According to, these fire stages are repeated several times during the night.

According to an English sleep guide, you can figure out when to go to bed and to wake between cycles. Doing it that way, there is the greatest opportunity for waking up fresh and well-rested and not getting the rest of the day spoild.

One cycle with the four stages will take about one and a half hours, which will then come through five to six times during a nights sleep.

It’s important not to wake up in the middle of a cycle – that’s what can make you both tired and irritated.
If you wake up between to cycles, you should wake up with a smile on your lip and be ready and fresh to meet today’s dont.

When should I go to bed?
When should I go to bed can now be replaced by: When do I have to get up?

The Sleep-calculator
Very each – you type in the time you want to wake up in the morning and til calculator will give you the time you have to go to be.

The calculator also take into account the 14 minutes, which on average it takes a person to fall asleep.
You can try the calculator here!

Most important thing is, not to wake up within a cycle but to try to wake up in between the cycles – it is not the length of you seep but when you up.

Healthy in the morning Then go to bed at these times
Do you want to be healthy in the morning