Healthy Marriage

Marriage is good, if you want to stay healthy

Married people have significantly better health than divorced, shows a new study.

It seem to be a good idea to be married if, you want to stay healthy.

It is apparent from the report “The Danish Health – The National Health Profile 2017”, published earlier this month.
According to the report, people living in marriages are less stressed, have better mental and physical health, smoke less and have fewer long-term illnesses than divorced people.
Example – there are twice as many divorced as married, indicating poor mental health, as are twice as many smokers among the divorced as among those married.
Unfortunately this study just confirms what we already know from other studies – which shows that close relationships are an area we should take very seriously.

Generally known
It is well known that people in a relationship, generally are having a better health, better quality of life and satisfaction than singles.

May be it’s about the fact that we, as biological beings, always want to have someone to share life with. We are best off being part of something and are more vulnerable when we are alone.
The National Research and Analysis Center for Welfare, however, warns against an unambiguous interpretation of the new figures. Among other things, it is questionable whether it is precisely the divorce that triggers poor health
  • It should be noted that other background factors and social selection processes can be hidden in the statistics.
  • We know, among other things, that socially vulnerable in general are more likely to be divorced, and without further analysis it is impossible to say how the different factors interact.
  • It’s probably not that marriage is the only explanatory variable.
  • That is, people are less ill because they are married.
  • If you have social problems, you are probably at higher risk of being unmarried or divorced, and then you are less likely to live healthy and therefore you get sicker.
  • We also know that a strong social network, such as a spouse, is an independent predictor (factor that predicts an event). For morbidity. So that’s not enough
Marriage is good for your health
Marriage helps you to stay healthy