How to live 15 years longer

If you look young on the outside, there is a good chance that you do on the inside as well. Your cells have an expiration date, but your habits are crucial to how quickly your cells – and thus your body – age.

And it does not have to be boring to pamper the cells. In addition to diet and exercise, there are both friends and wine on the menu. Professor Bente Klarlund states this in her new book “Younger with the years”.

– If you want to live long, then the KRAM factors are still important – that is, diet, smoking, alcohol and exercise. But there is much more than that, says Bente Klarlund, who is a professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Copenhagen.

If you prioritize the KRAM factors, you will get an average of 14 years more as a gift.

If, as a 50-year-old, you start eating reasonably healthy, keeping the weight off, quitting smoking, drinking moderately and exercising, you can get ten years longer without illness.

– Social relationships are also very important. To have room for family and friends.

– It is also important to give time or money to others.

Mental and physical health are incredibly closely linked.

People who think beyond their own nose tips live longer and later get sick, says Bente Klarlund.

FACTS: Klarlund’s ten tips for a longer life

1) Drop all tobacco.

2) Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes – and preferably more. Get your heart rate up at least twice a week.

3) Eat first when you are hungry. Eat varied, mostly green and not too much.

4) Drink wine in moderation – spread throughout the week.

5) Minimize your exposure to noise and pollution.

6) Take care of your mental health. Be optimistic and avoid unnecessary worry.

7) Get plenty of sleep – at least seven hours a day.

8) Believe in something. Experience awe.

9) Do something meaningful for yourself or others.

10) Cultivate family and friends. And feel free to put them on the calendar.

Source: “Younger with the years” by Bente Klarlund.