Infidelity is increasing alarmingly

Why People Cheat: 10 Infidelity Influencers:

1. Dissatisfaction with ordinary intimacy – If a couple has lost their emotional bond, it has never been established this can be a barrier to connect.

2. Out of revenge and vengeance– If a member of the couple has been hurt by his/her partner, he/she may make an irrational and emotional choice to cheat out of spite.

3. Not getting your needs met– If our desired needs are not being met is can be a great source of unrest, anxiety and heartache.

4. Falling out of love with your partner yet not wanting to end the relationship- Instead of choosing to either improve the relationship or decisively choosing to end the relationship, infidelity occurs.

5. To escape from the current problems and responsibilities of a relationship- When a couple is unable to communicate or resolve issues they wind up arguing with each other or end up avoiding each other. This is when a person may seek outside relief and commits an act of infidelity.

6. As an experience or thrilling adventure– In order to spice things up, someone may become rebellious, break the normal routine of life and seek a thrill with someone outside the relationship.

7. Viewed as a normal part of the life – Due to cultural and religious perspectives, personal beliefs and values some may view extramarital relationships as a normal aspect of the relationship. However, if both partners do not see relationships in the same way this can cause emotional turmoil, jealousy and unrest.

8. Impulsive and compulsive behavior-Individuals who are dealing with sex addiction, workaholism, shopping addiction, substance use, gambling or the desire for emotional drama seek comfort from impulsive or compulsive behaviors.

9. To get your partners attention– Sometimes people cheat to get his/her partner’s attention or testing to see if his/her partner cares or values them.

10. To build up self-esteem– If one of the members in the partnership is feeling insecure and becomes tempted when they receive an superficial confidence boost when a man or woman outside of his/her relationship gives attention or flirts.

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