Killer Bridge

The bridge is demanded no less than 46 deaths in 2013!

The Bridge Rail Foundation, collects data about the deaths at the 1,280-meter-long suspension bridge.

This is the highest number of suicides, the organization has registered.

There are over 67 meters drop from the suspension bridge, and it has made the bridge to a frequent place to commit suicide from.

The gloomy figures could have been much higher: In 2013, grabbed the police or passers in and stopped 118 people from jumping off the bridge. In 2012 jumped 33 people to death and the previous record is believed to be 40 suicide.
Golden Gate Bridge was opened in 1937 and was for many years the record as the world’s longest suspension bridge. It has already drawn up plans for a safety net under the bridge’s pedestrian areas, but there is about 66 million US dollars or 360 million dollars to construct. Bicycle patrols watching, and there are always between two and four officers at the Golden Gate Bridge.


I Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge

But when he finally took the leap, flinging himself off the structure, Hines says his heart was filled with an unexpected emotion.

“The millisecond my hands left the rail, it was an instant regret,” he says.

In four seconds, Hines fell 25 stories at 75 miles per hour. When he hit the water below, he says he experienced “the most physical pain” he’d ever felt.

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