MORS a Danish Island

Definitely one of the most beautiful areas on the Island DK-Mors!

Have you been there?

The island’s varied nature ranges from the dramatic moler cliffs on Northern Mors that shows 55 million years of history to the more peaceful Southern Mors, which has rich agricultural areas and big, quiet plantations such as Legind Bjerge.



The Limfjord also leaves its mark in the landscape – a landscape that has impressed locals and visitors, including many artists, throughout centuries. Mors is still known for its many artists and craftsmen, who are often inspired by the unique and varied landscape.


Muslinge fiskeri
Nykøbing Mors Harbour




Rundt om på Mors og i Nykøbing findes der meget kunst som det godt kan betale sig at lede efter.


Regentparret besøger Nykøbing Mors, Torsdag den 4. september 2014 – Kultur



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