Nail biting NOT

Do not bite your nails

Not just getting nasty nails, it gives you both bad breath and broken teeth! Here are 7 scary facts about nail biting

Okay, hand at heart:
You have probably tried to bite nails, and even though you have put the ugly habit on the shelf, you certainly know someone who loves to rub the tip of his fingers – it must stop. Now!

Nail biting is more nasty than we think.
Here are 7 scary consequences of biting nails that can get even the most incarnated nail bites to find something else to rub.
  1. Your nails are filled with bacteria under your nails Fingertips are a paradise for all sorts of unaccustomed cases and bacteria and fungi live under your nails.
  2. Biting nails is really bad for your teeth. Biting nails can cause broken teeth or even make you lose teeth! And then the chances of cutting teeth are also greater if you bite nails – biting nails is, like cutting teeth, often a reaction to stress.
  3. Biting nails can give you seriously bad breath. Studies have shown that the nail bites are some of the poorest breaths. This is due to the high amounts of bacteria in their mouths.
  4. If you bite nails, you can easily get your fingertip infection. Biting nails is a bacterial fever without equal – and what is better with each other than bacteria and inflammation?
  5. You can have cold sores from biting nails. Due to the transfer of bacteria from hand to mouth, biting nails can cause cold sores – or worse yet: herpes.
  6. If you bite nails with nail polish you are married! Nail polish is not something you should eat. Full stop. Many nail polishes contain formaldehyde.
  7. Your nails may never grow again. If you bite nails you risk biting your nails so far that they never grow out again. As i never ever.

Are we the only ones who do not want to put our fingertips back in the mouth?