New lake in the middle of the Desert

Out of “nothing” there suddenly emerged a new lake in the Tunisia desert25 km from the town of Gafsa hence the name Lac de Gafsa“.

It’s hard to resist the enormous heat in these parts, despite numerous warnings! As can be seen from the video, it has aroused great apply to take a dip

Despite the rapid emergence of algae, fear of radioactive water due. Large amounts of phosphate in the area and thus the authorities’ advice against bathed who merrily in the lake.

The biggest danger comes, however, from the lake’s possible emergence – A further tension of the water table! Professionals believe that the lake has arisen due.

Cracks in the subsurface and that it can quickly disappear and thus suck the bathers down into the depths!

The joy is too great to leave it, in the North African heat so it is used!

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