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Thank you for your interest in Morsportal.dk!

This website was started as a way to bring together the many extraordinary stories that make their way around the web and social media in one place. The best way to answer the most frequently asked questions is simple Q form.

I am a guy from Mors a DK Island i Limfjorden – that’s why it’s called MorsPortal.dk. As an advertising major and an internet junkie, creation of MorsPort.dk was almost inevitable..
I use some freelance helpers, and takes historic speech..
If it is a fascinating story, which I believe will gain traction in the social media world, absolutely yes.

Please send something you feel is a good fit for the site to: info@morsportal.dk.

At the moment I do not accept requests for advertising space. That could change in the future..
It is simply a collection of stories certainly not a news site or a source of detailed information..
Maybe! Send your information and let me know what you will do for MorsPortal.dk: info@morsportal.dk.

I am always talking, especially with smart people who can help..

I feel it to capture a user’s curiosity is the first step. So ideally, the story must be worth their time and they share it so the same experience with their friends..
I hope to continue what we have done so far, but there are plans to expand its efforts to further many causes around the web. Not political or other biased” reasons (We are totally independent), but there are beautiful, remarkable stories every day about people around the world who need help.

MorsPortal.dk has been able to get more eyes on the stories than almost any other publication and has raised huge amounts of money through the promotion of charity, fundraiser or other organization behind it. This is an area I would like to elaborate. If we do not leave this world a little better before we finish, we have not had a meaningful life..

Please contact us should you have any!



MorsPortal.dk has a chance to do it on a large scale, with its millions of readers every day.

Thanks for reading ……………… and thank you for visiting MorsPortal.dk


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