Reasons to stay together or not

Bad reasons to stay together

A break is never a happy event.

But, sometimes it’s best to look yourself in the eyes and face the truth, that you no longer have anything in common.

There is no need to continue your relationship. However, some couples still get together for the very wrong reasons, such as fear, laziness or nostalgia. Here are 20 of the worst excuses not to go each way.

You stay together for the material pleasures

The idea of ​​waving goodbye to the car, traveling less and living on a tighter budget is not a good reason to try to get the relationship back to work. There must be nothing but material pleasures at stake if you are considering singular life again.

You stay together for the sake of the children

It’s a really bad idea to stay together for the sake of the children. They are not stupid. They know that it’s been downhill. A break will not harm them if you prepare them well. Another bad reason to stay together – even worse than that with the kids – is to avoid sharing the right to … the pet.

You will be together for fear of the next

Changes can really be scary. None of us know what life will offer us. Often we see only the negative instead of considering a new beginning as the chance to start over again with love.

You have fake hopes

It’s time to stop the relationship immediately if you try to convince yourself that everything must “loosen” by itself, magically, even if you no longer sincerely believe in it. Living in hope is not a healthy foundation to build a relationship.

You stay together because you are “too old”

Alone in our age? Never! What a disaster! But the ages should not refrain from wanting a satisfying and loving relationship. Love has no age, and there is no last shelf life to live as single again.

You stay together to avoid regret anything

When we make important decisions, we may be afraid to choose the wrong one. Often we overwhelm thoughts of possible regrets. “What if I’m wrong?”, “What if I regret?”, “What if if?”, “What now …?”

You stay together to keep the house

A house can have great affective value for many people. You can not imagine staying anywhere else. But it would be impossible to cope with one income. Then you become in an unfair relationship, just to stay in the dream house.

You stay together to share the house work

The only idea of ​​living alone and having to do all the housework itself can also get some couples to give the relationship a chance (or even more to?). But it’s not a good idea to stay together just because you ask yourself who else will hit the grass.

You get together with guilt

Guilt will appear if you decide to leave the relationship. You’re sorry to cause so much pain. The guilty feelings may be strong enough for you to remain, even if your heart tells you that you should go.

You have to get used to being alone

Who should I have dinner with? Do I feel sorry for eating alone in front of the television? Will I be old and lonely? We do not like to admit it, but loneliness scares us. But in fact it may be useful to be alone. Conceive it as a chance to find yourself again.

You will be together for the sake of money

Going apart has consequences for the wallet and for the everyday you get used to. There is no doubt about that. But money can never replace happiness by sharing your life with one that really makes you happy.

You get together for fear of other people’s reactions

It’s crazy how much we are influenced by other people’s reactions. We are afraid to be condemned for what people may want to think. Just the thought of telling someone else and explaining it all may be enough for us to hide under the quilt for a couple of months.

You stay together for fear of being alone

You’ll get the break and the first months as a single. But do you survive singular life if it continues for a long time? What if you become single rest of life? Sometimes we can be a bit dramatic …

You stay together for the sake of sex

Although if everything is so amazing in the bedroom, sex is not a good reason to stay with your partner. Being sexually intimate with each other is not enough to make you a couple. It is only part of a well-balanced and healthy relationship.

You stay together because you have the same friends

Over the years, you get a circle of common friends. Do you go apart, each of you can lose some of your friends, and you can hesitate when choosing whether to go together or go apart.

You stay together to avoid moving

It may seem like an overwhelming and stressful challenge to arrange relocation, should go away from the neighborhood, find a new home and decorate it. But look at the bright side and take the transition as a positive thing. Once you have thought about it, you will see that it is a changeable period that does not last long.

You get together because of extortion

“You can not do that to me”. “Think of all that we’ve been through.” “After all I’ve done for you …”. Comments like these are a warning that you are in a toxic relationship and your partner uses emotional imprint to hold on to you. Beware.

You stay together, to not feel it as a defeat

A break can feel like a personal defeat, and for some people the thought is impossible to carry. Maybe it was not just part of your “life plan” that you should be divorced, but it may be easier to relate to the breach if you regard it as a new beginning.

You stay together because you promised it

Well-meaning promises like “I’ll change me …”, “We’re trying to get help this time …” and “I promise that …” should not affect your decision. Are not just empty words? Look at the reality and not on the promises when the decision is to be taken.

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