Relationship damage

Too much washing up can damage your relationship

It is very important for the relationship, if disagreements about values ​​and work load at home are clear.

In Denmark nearly half of all married couples get divorced. On top of that, many couples stay together in spite of an unhappy relationship.
The question remains: What went wrong?
Research points out at least five dynamics that can be devastating for the satisfaction in a relationship, says Asger Neumann, who is a psychologist and lecturer at the University of Aarhus.
  • What is the most damaging in a relationship, very big differences in interests and values, he says.
    It may be disagreement about the upbringing of a child or a scenario where one will live in a town, and the other will stay in the country.
    Someone has the perception that, when opposites meets, equals sweet music. Diversity may be fine in relation to temperament, but not in relation to fundamental values, says Asger Neumann.
  • Negative communicationIgnoring each other or do not show interest when the partner is jubilant for a new job, it can be damaging to the relationship. If you continually point out that your partner does something wrong, it will wear out the relationship.
  • About boredom. Both sexual boredom and boredom in general. It can reduce satisfaction in the relationship, if you find that your partner is disinterested or does not make an effort, to do things together, says Asger Neumann. It does not mean that you have to go to the movies every week. Some couples thrive without a life filled with activities. If there is no interest to “we”, it can be bad for the relationship.
  • Vacuum cleaner and laundry. If one party in the relationship feel that there is an unequal division of the work load at home, it can be devastating. A poor or nonexistent sex life can also be a big problem, but it does not generally point – lead to a break up. Do you like to nurse your relationships, according to new research from Aarhus University, an annual “couples check up” can improve the quality of the relationship. Time can do that we become less satisfied with our relationship, according to research by Tea Trillingsgaard, associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Aarhus.
  • Time –  over time couples, become a little less satisfied with the relationship, as the years go by. As with the car, garden or our physical form.

So, it makes sense to pay attention to prevention.

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