Sleeping Naked

Health Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Get rid of your PJ’s, sleeping in the nude could make you healthier.
According to a study, one in three adults sleep in the nude, and it has tons of benefits.

Sleeping in the nude helps you stay cool at night which is crucial for sound sleep. That’s because our body’s core temperature needs to drop for us to fall asleep and if anything keeps our temperature from dropping, like pajamas, our brain will keep waking us up to see why.
That means we’ll miss the restorative sleep needed to strengthen our memory and grow and repair cells.

So, I guess I have like a lot of extra-large footy pajamas that I’ll be selling now.

Plus, when your a little chilly at night it can boost your metabolism.
That’s because it turns on our “Brown Fat“. That’s the good type of fat that burns calories to generate heat. In a study in the journal Diabetes, researchers found that sleeping in a chilly room increases our body’s percentage of brown fat, and we can get that same chilly room effect by sleeping naked.
Brown fat also improves insulin sensitivity, which reduces the risk for diabetes.

But if you do decide to sleep naked keep your socks on.
Dr. Sonia Israel of the Swiss Sleep Clinic says putting on socks improves circulation and is the surest way to get the body ready for deep sleep. That’s because when your feet are warm your blood vessels dilate allowing heat to escape from your overall body, lowering your core temperature.

When we sleep deeply, our growth hormone kicks in repairing our body and replenishing our energy.
And pray that nobody pulls the fire alarm the next time staying in a hotel because the socks, would be hard to explain.

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