Barbie WAR!

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Ken “slams barbie” I do not understand her! Yes – there’s a war between the human Ken and human Barbie.

Justin Jedlica, human Ken, is known to have been under the knife more than 100 times to resemble “KEN” – toys. Although Ken and Barbie are a couple, created by a child’s imagination (or at least in the commercials for Barbie dolls) they are anything but in the real world?

The real human BARBIE
The real human BARBIE

“We met on a photo shoot. She’s a sweet girl” “I just do not understand her correctly. I do not understand why people think she is so interesting. She has extensions, carrier stage makeup and is an illusionist”

Lukyanova has made some controversial remarks when he was asked why people are increasingly turning to plastic surgery, he said “it is because of race – mixing.”

“Ethnic mixes now, so there is degeneration, and how it used to be” she added. “Remember how many beautiful women there were in the 1950s and 1960s, without surgery?

The human Ken
The human Ken

Barbie dolls, many girls and boys played with as children is certainly not known to make racist comments. While Lukyanova may have turned into a physical Barbie, as this interview suggests, there are parts of her that there is still a human being.

Want dozens, if not hundreds of plastic surgeries to look like a child’s toy?Barbie 2

Lukyanova admits proud to be obsessed with Barbie and claims that “Everyone wants a slim figure, Everyone gets tits made. Any change on their face, if it is not ideal!

And while the only operation that Lukyanova will admit to having been – breast implants, it’s pretty clear from her appearance that she is Barbified in other ways.

It is very possible that the only thing bigger than Lukyanova bust size is her ambition.Ken 2

The blonde has her sights she is prepared to grab the world’s attention that she fears the idea of settling down with a family of her own in the future.

“It is unacceptable for me,” she explained. “The very idea of children brings this deep disgust in me … I’d rather die of torture, because the worst thing in the world is to have a family lifestyle”

And just to drive the point home, Lukyanova added: “I am against feminism … what would you have children, then they can give you a glass of water when you are on your deathbed?”

Her opinionated views do not end there, unfortunately ………Ken and Barbie 1

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