Constructive depression

Constructive depression .....
Depression is one of the most common and hazardous diseases in the 21st century, surpassed only by obesity.

It affects millions of people worldwide, and while some are suffering from mild and temporary depression that typically resolve themselves, suffer others by a deep state of depression!

Depression is definitely a negative thing that can seriously affect your life, but it also has its upsides.

Here are seven reasons why you should embrace your depression – accept it and use it constructive:

1. It can help you focus on the things that really matter! Few of us are actually aware of how important certain aspects of life are until we get depressed and start to analyze everything in a larger, deeper level. We often tend to take things for granted without thinking twice about them. For some of us, depression can be the tool we need to achieve greater things.

2. Depression is sometimes the mother of creativity!
It is widely known that some of the world’s greatest writers and painters created their masterpieces when they were depressed or deeply hurt. This is precisely what makes depression such a great paradox, since some often associated with a lack of focus, determination and motivation.

Constructive depression .....

3. It can actually help you to think clearly! Another common myth about depression is that it prevents you from thinking clearly. For some people, yes, but you’re actually to concentrate and see things in a completely different light. This aspect of depression is especially true if the depression was triggered by a traumatic life event, such as loss of a dear to you.

4. Depression can be the best motivator! Depression is often associated with both grief and anxiety – these feelings are basic features of depression. What most of us do not understand is that depression actually turn out to be one of the most motivating things that happen to a person.

“You do not know the true value of something until it’s gone”

Depression 4

5. Depression can teach you how to find the meaning of life! It may sound contradictory, since depression is often associated with a lack of desire to live, but in some cases where a person is so depressed that they only see the world in ‘black and white, helps Depression them to find reasons to live.

6. It can help you uphold your health and family! When people are depressed, they tend to believe that there is nothing left in the world. But it often happens that our friends and family show their true support when we are down and we need them.

Depression can be a good test to see who is with you and who flees at the first sign of weakness.


7. Depression Stimulates analytical reasoning! When depression is associated with an external factor (as it happens most of the time), it is widely promotes what is known as’ analytical reasoning, which means that it will get you to think about the factors that triggered the Great Depression, which allows you to look at the problem analytically.

Depression is certainly not something you would wish for, but that does not mean that you can not make something positive out of it.

Those suffering from depression should try with an open mind and to analyze all the advantages and disadvantages objectively, it will mean that there are actually several upsides they have never considered.

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