House of Music

Denmark may be synonymous with the Vikings, designers and “the morning bread”, but it is also a cultural hotspot.

Last year opens another part of the now fantastic Aalborg waterfront – one of the most beautiful artistic buildings “House of Music“.

This extraordinary building – the core of Aalborg’s reclaimed waterfront – is sure to put the city firmly on the cultural calendar.

This area was once Aalborg’s industrial heart, but its shipyards and heavy industries died in the 1980s. Thus began the waterfront’s transformation into a cultural quarter.

A former power station – now Nordkraft ( opened in 2009 as a cultural complex that offers theater, cinema, music and sports.

Limfjorden – which separates the northern Denmark from the rest of the Jutland peninsula – long ago it was a highway for Viking longships.

Also on the front ports – some impressive architecture – Utzon . If the sail – topped structure reminds us of another, more famous building, it is because it and the Sydney Opera House was designed by the architect and Aalborg native Jørn Utzon.

It is no coincidence that the Utzon Center occupies this place, Jørn Utzon’s father worked in the shipyards, which was nearby, and the future of architecture was strongly influenced by his childhood nature. The soaring, sail aluminum rooftop is clear nautical references, while inside, the same structures, clad in curved pine slats, suggest the outlines of a ship’s prow.

Things get more historically outside the Utzon Center if you continue along the promenade, note the white half-timbered building on the left, across the street. It is Alborg Castle, a 16th century governor’s residence, it is now the local tax office.

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