Nirvana – Extreme

Nirvana – Extreme LUXURY!

NO NO it’s just too wild 1.7 billion Danish kroner luxury!
It has “everything” – of course with helipad, that’s clear!
And of course it has all the “accessories” you can imagine!

Lavishness – is shown an understatement!

But you get so also a 90-meter yacht, which of course is decorated outrage six floors linked by a glass elevator, six large bedrooms, a massage room, several bathrooms with jacuzzi.

Of course, the several pool’s!

Also included is a series of live animals to make the experience even more exotic.

Despite its size, the yacht sail 19.5 knots (36 kilometers per hour), and the tank is large enough to cross the Pacific. The world’s most expensive yacht that can be rented for a week for 6.7 million crowns, but it is also including full crew of 27 men.

Yacht Nivana
Nirvana Yacht extreme LUXURY

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