Noah’s Ark – Myth or?


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The movie “Noah” with Russell Crowe as the man who was chosen by God to collect a few of all the Earth’s animals on a massive ark to save them from a global flood.

The film, which opened on 28 March 2014, sized to be a biblical blockbuster filled with star power and amazing special effects. But how realistic is it?
While many people consider the story of Noah Ark as just a learning myth or parable God’s punishment for man’s evil, others believe that the story is historically accurate. For them, Noah narrative description of events that really happened only a few thousand years ago.

mount ararat

Mount Agri / Mount Ararat is the highest mountain in Turkey, and some believe that Noah’s Ark is there!

Henry Morris, author of “The biblical basis for modern science(Baker House 1984) Ark was essentially a huge box designed protection in the flood rather than movement through the water …. ark was higher than a normal three-storey building and about one and one-half times as long as a football field.

The total volume was equal to 39,500 cubic meters equivalent to 522 standard trucks, far more than enough space to carry two of every known kind of animals live or extinct.

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As the ark’s purpose was merely to float and not necessarily sail anywhere, it would have had no means of propulsion such as a sail or even control. According to Morris, “As far as navigation was concerned, steered God manifest themselves ship keeps its occupants reasonably comfortable inside, while storms and waves raged outside.”

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A problem with the Ark story is that there’s no evidence for a global flood.

Creation stories from many different religions and cultures include flood stories and Feder notes that if a worldwide flood happened, “The archaeological record 5000 years ago would be filled with Pompeii style ruins the remains of thousands of towns, villages and cities, all wiped out by floods, while it it would also wipe out the human race, if it happened, it left no mark on it archaeological world picture.

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In February 1993, CBS had a two-hour primetime special titled:
The Incredible Discovery of Noah’s ArkIt included riveting testimony of a man who not only claimed that he personally have seen the Ark on Ararat, but also to have found a piece of it!
The allegations turned out to be FUP.
In March 2006, researchers found one rock formation on Mount Ararat, which looked like the huge ark, but nothing came of that claim.

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