7 steps for better SEX

Sex is an athletic event – and some people are better at it than others.

Get enthusiastic “cheering” the next time you do it with these tips!

7 Step to “Mind-Blowing” Sex!

1. Do not talk yourself out of what you need/want!

It is too easy for women to convince themselves to settle for less. Women are so helpful and accommodating, so eager to please and afraid of rejection that they are quick to give up the things they need, even when it comes to sex.

2. Share your needs and feelings with your partner!

If you can not ask for what you want in bed, do not sleep with them. Good sex happens when we feel safe and secure. If we are afraid to ask for something or to tell our partner that we do not like something, sex never be more than mediocre.

3. Accept your body as it is!

We have to be in touch with our bodies; what feels good and not so good, and what feels wrong. If someone makes us feel bad about our physics, it is more a reflection of his inadequacy than our own.

4. Never Refuse sex as a punishment or use it as a reward!

In the old days, some women led to believe that it is the way to get a man to clean up their act – offering sex for good behavior or withhold it when the man has displeased them. Most of us today recognize this as hateful behavior and a recipe for disaster.

5. No pets in the room!

We can love Fluffy or Rover, but they do not belong in the bedroom when we become intimate. Our pets are very territorial and jealous they want to play.

6. Sense of humor is important!

Sex is about connection and intimacy, but it’s also about having fun. It may be fabulously large, occasionally things can go wrong. Having a good sense of humor about sex will put things in perspective.

7. Enjoy The “give and take”

The best sex is the type where each person is trying to please the other. The sharing of sex is one of the things that make it great. It may be technically impressive, but when a person gets the impression that the other person really is not there with them, it can ruin the whole experience.

And then there’s the 8th in the video – who knows, maybe you can learn something!

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