The KEY to a happy long LIFE…..

Here are the key ingredients for a long and happy LIFE

A 75 years long study of 724 American lives show what really takes to live a long, happy life. It is neither money nor fame!

In 1938 said 724 American teen boys agreed to participate in a study of what actually keeps people healthy and happy through life.

Most of the boys said at the time that they would strive for fame and fortune. It would make them happy. But as time went by, the answer is quite different.

Today, about 60 of the 724 men who in 1938 said yes to the studio alive, and, according to Robert Waldinger, which is the fourth director of the project, there are some clear messages about happiness and a long life to take from the studio.

“It is quite evident in this study that what makes people happy and give them a long life, good relationships. Whether it is for friends or family. Good relationships keep us alive, while loneliness kill,” says Robert Waldinger, who is professor at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, in a TED Talk, as you can see below.

Although the men came from different backgrounds, most agree, however, that good relations is very important to the life they have lived or live.

Loneliness is like poison. People who are more isolated from others than they will, is less happy, and their overall health fall faster with their brain function. Generally, we can see that they live shorter lives,” explains Robert Waldinger in the video and continues:

Good relationships keep us alive, while loneliness kill!

Robert Waldinger “Even if with age can experience pain, as were those with the good relations still happy despite. Those who did not have these good relations, was more troubled by their pain, which affected their happiness,” says Robert Waldinger.

Robert Waldinger points out that it can be hard to have good relations, because they require time. And much of it. But he assures that it is worth it, and even if you bicker with the wife or girlfriend, the good relation do that you are not influenced by it just as much.
Seven tricks for a happier life

According to researchers, it may help to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, boost the immune system and improve your efforts at work. It simply requires that you spend 15 minutes a day to verbalize your feelings and experiences.

Turn five good deeds. If you just once a week, do five good deeds, research shows that you will feel like a happier and healthier person.

Do not take your friends for granted. In everyday life with work, family, school and leisure activities, it can be difficult to squeeze time in for their friends. But if you try to think about how life would be without them, you will probably get a lump in my throat. Research has shown that if you once in a while expressing gratitude to the friend or loved one, then you will get better.

Give meaning to life. Psychologists are beginning to understand the importance of having a purpose in life. Research has shown that it can be healthy to remind themselves of what they have accomplished in life and holding on to old memories, which can put life here and now in perspective.

Feel awe. It can have a positive impact on your health if you occasionally feel awe. It can come from looking at a beautiful starry sky or take to church, where one gets the feeling that there might be something bigger than yourself.

Go on rediscovery. If the coffee is washed quickly down every day, it might be hard to enjoy it. Researchers propose to exclude something you like for a week, only to resume it. In this way, the experience will be bigger and better than if you just do it again and again.

Think positive thoughts. It can be easy to fall into bad thoughts about themselves or others, but keep it in place for the positive thoughts, according to researchers help to boost one’s joy and happiness.

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