The Lost City

Petra 3
To find it, we need a trip to Jordan where the lost city was rediscovered in 1812, after having been away for about 300 years – not so little.

We need to go to Petra which is not as easy to find as you go through a 2 km long gorge to finally reach the ancient city – Petra which definitely is worth a visit!

Al-Khaznaher is Petra’s crown jewel – the first you meet when you come through the 2 km long canyon. It is an amazing sight you meet when you finally arrive in the city Petra! Ancient city of Petra is one of the seven wonders – Jordan’s main tourist attraction!

In some places the gorge 100 feet high and only a few meters wide rock walls, voltage increases – finally opens the gorge itself – you are now in front of Al-Khaznah, a 40 meter high temple carved into the rock wall.

Petra 1

Absolutely incredible detail with small decorations carved into the edifice.

Nabataeans were a northern Arab people, who in 300 BC formed a kingdom in the area east of Palestine with its capital in Petra. Nabataeans prosperity rested on control of caravan routes, and their meeting with other trading cultures influenced art and architecture of Petra.

Nabataeans mastered addition a special hydraulic technique that enabled them to control the water supply and thus create an artificial oasis in the desert.

Nabataeans kingdom was quite significant and came to include parts of Lebanon and Syria, but in 106 AD the kingdom was governed by Rome as part of the province of Arabia. In the fourth century the city became a Christian, and when the Muslim Umayyad dynasty was established in Damascus in the year 661, was Petras heyday past.

Have you seen the third Indiana Jones movie, you have already seen Petra. In the film plunges the temple, and Indy escapes, Petras is still standing – a magnificent monument, which testifies to the Nabataeans incredible civilization.

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