The most dangerous city in the world

A week in the most dangerous city in the world!

The city of San Pedro Sula in Honduras is reported to be the most dangerous place on earth outside conflict zones – with three murders every day.

The Worlds most dangerous Cities:

1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras – 169 Killings per 100.000 Residents – Three per day.

2. Acapulco, Mexico – Bodies are spread all over the city.

3. Caracas, Venezuela – 122 killings per 100.000 Residents

4. Distrito Central, Honduras

5. Torreón, Mexico – 87 killings per 100.000 Residents.

6. Maceió, Brasilien – 14 of the worlds most dangerous cities are in Brasil. 135 killings per 100.000 Residents.

7. Cali, Colombia

8. Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

9. Barquisimeto, Venezuela

10. Joao Pessoa, Brasilien


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