The Worlds biggest PIZZA EATER


“They think I’m a hero ” he said – Dan Janssen claims that he has eaten pizza almost – 99% for each meal during the past 25 years.

He rarely eat breakfast, live mainly of coffee in the morning. For lunch, he eat a whole pizza and one more for dinner – every DAY!

Janssen, founder of the handcrafted woodshop Empire Woodcraft in Ellicott City, Maryland, grew up with meat and potatoes, but became a vegetarian for ethical reasons, when he was 14 years old.

There’s just one problem with it! “I hate vegetables ” he said.


“I tried it for a few weeks and realized that there is only one thing for me – PIZZA, so I’m going to continue to eat ”

“Eating the same food day in and day out can limit the person’s ability to get a variety of nutrients he or she needs in relation to health and the daily nutritional needs ”

Janssen eat plain pizza, frozen, or from the local places, it also happens that he makes his own homemade – occasionally.


“I love the variety of pizzas, so I try to vary it in different ways.” Once a week – to be healthy, I eat a bowl of “Raisin Bran” but other than that it’s only pizza ” “I’m sure I dropping dead of a heart attack when I will be 60 years, but right now I’m fine”

Janssen has seen a therapist about eating habits, but says that right now he is very satisfied with Pizza!

“My fiance is trying to slowly get me to change the diet – I want to change it but, that’s how I live ”                                  Ref.

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