Things That Seem Normal When You Live Alone

The weirdest roommate you will ever have is yourself.

As anyone who has ever had a terrible roommate will admit it is to live alone suddenly very appealing.

But before you decide, it will probably be a good idea to take a minute or two to reflect on – to fly solo is what it is “cracked” up to be. To help you to take or not take decision, come here a few myths about living alone.


  • You can decorate as you like! Reality: That couch is much more expensive when the purchase is not shared by two.
  • You can stay up as late you want without bothering anyone! Reality: Be prepared to fall asleep on the couch and wake up at. 3 am!
  • You can sing as loud as you want and even get time to learn to play guitar! Reality: Just because you do not have roommates, it does not mean that you do not have neighbors.
  • You can put food in the fridge without worrying about others eat it! Reality: You and the cake is left alone – Buy larger pants.
  • You can get through a week without someone will borrow a shirt! Reality: You will not have to lend.
  • You can be so “messy” you want! Reality: As long as you’re comfortable with dirt and mess room.
  • You can take a long bath without worrying about your partner! Reality: Your bill is little more shock – provoking when it all falls on your wallet.
  • You can be on time – at a party when your partner does not delay you! Reality: No one wants to arrive early – and alone.
  • You can do it! – Reality: You can do it!

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