Things you should never do in bed – SEX

20 errors you must not commit in bed – SEX

Both men and women sometimes make mistakes in the bed.

Not to do in the bedroom
Terror in bedroom sex
  • MEN: Skip the prelude over

Yes, foreplay is actually important, not to say essential, and it’s rarely a good idea to skip it. Try to enjoy it. It adds to even greater pleasures later.

  • MEN: Show too much confidence

All women are different so do not imagine you know how everyone thinks. Never use the same tricks again and again. It’s all too obvious.

  • MEN: Fall asleep immediately

Activity on the bedside can be tiring, but avoid falling asleep as soon as it’s over – and at least not before. It’s certainly not a good idea to snore.

  • MEN: Be wasted

Be aware of everything – from loving your partner to the breasts to remember to cut your nails so that you do not scratch. Take a good time kissing her all over the place. You should not express yourself in a hurry.

  • MEN: Total silence

Silence can be misunderstood. Do not hold on to the shapes with a wall of silence that risks making your partner nervous. Release the obstacles and say some sounds (or screams!) So that your well-being can be heard.

  • MEN: Pretend you’re in a movie

No, do not mimic everything you watch on movies. It just seems fake and it does not matter. Forget about taking notes when watching tv.

  • MEN: Too much smell

Here it’s absolutely crucial to avoid extreme. Body odor can be uncomfortable, but it can be too much eau de cologne too.

  • MEN: Try a little too hard to impress

Are you too eager to impress your partner, it can actually have the opposite effect. There is a golden middleway between extreme new moves and the same old routine, and that way you should find. You do not have to play superhero; Just be yourself.

  • MEN: Keep your socks on

The rule of thumb is that the socks must be either before or at the same time as the underpants.

  • MEN: Ask for an evaluation

If you ask “How was it for you?” Afterwards, you may seem to analyze things a bit too much. It’s not always about performance, especially not in bed.

  • WOMAN: Fake and orgasm

It’s simply a bad idea to fake it to please your partner. Then he never learns what really turns you on.

  • WOMAN: To be sipped

A little excitement and the taste of something new will really piss your sex life and surprise your partner.

  • WOMEN: Too many complexes

Your thighs are too big. Your breasts are too small. Your face is too common. That part will make you uncomfortable. But stop that

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