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The true Gentleman – 5 Rarest Qualities!

It’s hard to meet a man with qualities of a true gentleman. Every woman hopes to find a true gentleman. Times are changing, and the way in which we perceive perfection is changing as well.

You don’t have to dwell on perfection, since there is no perfect man.


1. Manners – Morals

When a gentleman meets your parents, you don’t worry about what he will do or say. He is never inappropriate, and he will do traditional things such as pulling out the chair for you or holding open doors.

A gentleman will never take advantage of a woman. He will never steal and drink and drive.

He will never do anything that he thinks is wrong or bad. He possesses strong morals, and he knows which things are good.

2. Patience

Patience is one of the rarest qualities of a gentleman. Sometimes men, without realizing it, push women to be physical.

Maybe it’s not a terrible thing for you, but it can make a woman uncomfortable, especially if she is not ready to move forward in a relationship.


3. Calmness

Everybody is allowed to become angry, however, a gentleman keeps calm and collected in any situation.

He always knows how to cope with his temper and he doesn’t allow his frustration to alter his personality. He will never vent his anger on you!

4. Sweetness – never uses swear words!

A gentleman acts a bit differently than a prince in Disney movies does. There’s a huge difference between cursing in anger or excitement and curses which are aimed at you.

A gentleman will never use swear words.

‘Thank you’ and ‘please’ are small words with a great impact. It is very important for a person to show appreciation. After all, don’t you like when your hairstyle or favorite dress is complimented? Women in RED

5. Never uncomfortable with him!

A gentleman will never tell inappropriate jokes and he will never push you to discuss a subject that you don’t want to talk about.

He will never make anything that would make you feel bad and uncomfortable. A true gentleman and you are absolutely at ease!

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