What happens when you do not have sex

WHAT happens when you do not have sex

Most people have during a lifetime one or more periods of drought without sex.

We have created a complete list of things that happens to your body when you no longer have intercourse regularly

It is often said that sex is healthy – but healthy for what?

And what will your body expose you to, if you suddenly stop sex gymnastics?

Your immune system is weakened – sex seem to have a positive effect on your immune system. Wemens body gets ready to become pregnant. This perk goes however away when the body has become accustomed to regular sex.

Your sex drive is lowered – Many scientists believe that if the body for longer periods do not have sex, it lower the hormonal response of sexual desire it deploys. However, this may vary from person to person.

You become more prone to stress – It is common knowledge that sex can have a stress-reducing effect.

Your heart does not get the same exercise – There is a link between sex and your cardiac health. Besides the obvious benefit of getting your heart rate up so that your body releases hormones during sex, which are good for your heart. Sheet Gymnastics equals heart gymnastics, your heart could easily be stronger than ever.

It takes women longer to get wet – When women become sexually excited the vagina and vulva get wet. The body has its focus on the parts which it knows often are used. So should the body be accustomed to, that nothing happens in the lower regions, it will be a little longer to get started. Then, after a pause, the partner will therefore have to work a harder to get oiled the machine.

You have not used your intellectual potential – Celibacy has long been considered as a method to fully focus on more intellectual things than sex. It turns out that sex gets the neurons in the brain’s hippocampus to grow. Abstinence is not the wrong way to go, if you want to get a bigger brain.

Men are more prone to impotence – There is a connection between impotence and lack of sex drive in men. Throughout time, men who have gone long periods without sex, it is more likely to get out of impotence. In addition, there is also a correlation between regular triggering and a lower risk of prostate cancer – but the trigger can be one Fortunately clear itself.

She does not get tighter – One could imagine that the lack of sex would make the female abdomen tight as a cramp – but this is not the case. Vagina physical scale does not change the lack of sheeting gymnastics – and no, hymen conjures not magically himself forward again.

There are many benefits of regularly boosting the lower regions.

In the absence of sex you are however less exposed to sexually transmitted diseases and urinary tract infections – but the challenge is doing condoms with ease. So it can really pay to crawl under the same duvet more often.

Good luck!

By Julie-Elsebeth Crone Johannesen

What happens when you do not have sex
What happens when you do not have sex for your heath

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