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What do men find most attractive in women?

The human brain is biologically programmed constantly to be looking for the perfect partner, science has actually mapped out exactly what it is that men find physically attractive by women

It is human nature to procreate, and it requires a partner of the opposite sex – at least for a while.

To find a partner that can help to ensure the survival of the species must have some physical attraction to, and the attraction can be scientifically analyzed and categorized.

That is what professor of psychology and women’s studies at DePaul University in Chicago, dr. Midge Wilson, has been looking for.

According to her, it is about the biological programming, and all men are doing it automatically and often unconsciously assess the “reproductive fitness” to all women they encounter:

  • Women with narrow waist and wide hips

Anthropologist dr. Barnaby Dixson from the University of Queensland made a study showing that men prefer a ratio between waist and hips at exactly 7 through 10.

A favorable waist-hip ratio perceives the man’s brain, which the woman is fit to feed his children and thus biologically attractive.

  • A light voice

Researchers at University College London have found that women with light voices often perceived as more attractive by men.

The light voices signify youth and thus perceived thus understood as a sign of health and childbearing potential.

Choosing partner from sound or to signal the personal characteristics through sound is prevalent in virtually every corner of the animal world from a bird to a variety of mammals. Especially monkeys.

  • Women with long and healthy hair

According to Business Insider German research has shown that women’s hair plays a big role in whether men perceive them as attractive.

Long, abundant, healthy hair is perceived by men as the most attractive because it signals the physical health, youth and thus again childbearing potential.

  • Women who smile

Women who smile, is perceived by men as most appealing, and the attraction is enhanced, the whiter the woman’s teeth. It shows from research at the University of British Columbia in Canada.

Attentiongrabbing, perceive women are actually men who smile, as least attractive.

Instead women assesses in general, that men who show a minimum of emotions that are stronger and more attractive.

  • Less makeup

Studies at Bangor University states that a lot of makeup does not increase men’s perception of a woman as attractive.

In fact the reverse is true, as scientists research shows that average men prefer women with 40% less make up when they are presented with pictures of the same woman with different degrees of makeup.

  • Women in red

The color red has an extremely great effect on the way in women is seen by men.

A red dress, a red blouse, a red scarf – all perceived unconsciously by men as more attractive, just as it does in many other animals.

Red indicates the pairing light, heat and sexuality – all traits that play very positively into the man’s subconscious assessment of the woman’s “reproductive fitness”.

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