How women think and feel


Men are from Mars and women from Venus – at least according to author John Gray.

We do not need to live on each planet. Here’s a crash course in how women think and feel – especially men!

To learn more about your own sex or the other, then see here what 40 things girls wish guys already knew and had mastered.

Most of them are affectionately meant, and if nothing else, you can be certain that your boyfriend is just as crazy as all the other girls.

  1. You’re sexy when you fixing things, shave, have casual clothes, eat a peach and holding a baby

  2. I love that you always kisses me, when we meet.

  3. When I clap my belly or bum and asks if I have not taken on weight, is it ok to hesitate slightly before the YES.

  4. I love that you come and give me a hug afterwards, nuzzles my neck and nibbles me on the ear lobe.

  5. There should be no more than a small mail or SMS to make me happy – and it is a bit cheeky.

  6. It’s totally OK that you ask your friends for advice when looking for gifts to me. I would actually recommend.

  7. I become very docile if you give me good oral sex. The same applied Manolo Blahnik shoes.

  8. If in doubt, take the shirt on that suit your eyes. I can also easily match your clothes every morning and will be happy to do so.

  9. Although I’m curious about your past lovers – like you might also of mine – so it’s probably best not to talk too much about our eks’es.

  10. I have a lot to say and expect you to respond.

  11. Although I am a nice girl, I like sexy chat – also as a quiet whisper in public places.

  12. If I slept over me, I will be eternally grateful that you can figure out that I’m in trouble, and therefore make breakfast.

  13. I do not think you’re lying to me.

  14. Small gifts and surprises will provide a lot of pluses in the account.

  15. I love when you take and hold my hand.

  16. Once you’ve done something stupid, do I look to be totally cool with it. I am not.

  17. It’s only rock stars who have permission to go in leather pants. And only teenagers that must go baggy. Please do not …

  18. If you are unsure whether you are unfaithful to me, think about whether this is something you do not want me to see, hear, read …

  19. Women are fairly easy infections down there, so please keep good hygiene.

  20. That “I love you” before, during and after sex do not count.

  21. A few days before menstruation I am completely convinced that I certainly am pregnant, even though I have no reason to believe it. It repeats itself next month.

  22. “It looks fine” is not really a good answer when I ask you how I look.

  23. I like that you take the lead and tell me what I should do. But I appreciate when you ask for my opinion.

  24. I will be happy when you tell me what you think, even if you do not quite know what.

  25. Influenza usually takes about five days. You do not die of it, not even a common cold.

  26. You are not less of a man to ask for directions or otherwise ask for help.

  27. I need you to tell me how you feel about me, though I must ask first and often!

  28. You get points with me when you not only remember our monthly or anniversary but also want to celebrate it.

  29. It’s the shoes that determines whether you look fashionable out or not. Holes are never a hit.

  30. The man I dream about, planning elegant dates, relaxed picnics and cozy weekend trips, and so he buys my favorite candy in advance and think about other ways he can make me happy.

  31. I’m not a mind reader, so you’ll have to talk to me.

  32. When I have sexual fantasies, they are mostly about you.

  33. In fact, I am more forgiving to you than I should be.

  34. I have complete control of everything that is going on in our relationship. And is always right about it.

  35. You gain nothing by having a smart, arrogant, all-knowing attitude.

  36. PMS-symptoms are real, so take them seriously, when you are warned that your period is coming.

  37. If I did not have sex with you, it is generally because: 1. I have a bad day 2. I’m annoyed with you, 3. I blackmailing you for something I want.

  38. I fear to end up like my mother but know that I am on the way to it.

  39. Your taste in music appeals not really to me, so it would be fine if you kept it to yourself. Please feel free to kiss and lick my breasts.

  40. I fell for you because you made me laugh. So keep being that.

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