You have to be selfish

Relationships: Four times where you should – have to be selfish

It is important to devote time to yourself, otherwise you, your husband and your children may suffer from it.

Occasionally, most women tend to forget to take care of themselves, and when you start to get too overwhelmed by the work, the children needs, the man and everyone else, it’s time to pull the plug and find time for yourself again.

Here you can get help to recognize problems and what you immediately can do.  Therefore, men run from one relationship to another.

  • When you start wasting your look
    First you run your trips to the fitness center, which you are not too big a user of, you start to drop the hairdresser because you can not find time for your cutouts every other month and slowly you start to look more tired, when you look in the mirror.
    Prioritizing yourself is no different than prioritizing other things first. You have to plan and implement, allocate time to yourself. This includes getting to the hairdresser, getting a face treatment or getting a training every week, says clinical psychologist Andrea Brosh to
  • When the children become too demanding
    All toddler mothers need to get a little break from their children, just a couple of hours in between. It is hard work to be a mother, and although it may seem inconceivable to leave them to the man or grandparents, it is good for yourself in the long run. Taking a honeymoon with the your friends one evening or going with the colleagues at the Friday bar, it is important to feel like a whole human being, and not only as the mother of your children.
  • When you can’t say no
    If you can’t remember when you last said no, maybe it’s about time. If you constantly say yes to others, you may end up being angry and disturbed because you feel you should do it all. If it matters, your husband may end up in a big deal because you feel he does not take care of you, so remember to say no once in a while.
  • When you get tired of sex
    When you begin to feel that you are no longer so interested in your husband and he does not really turn you on, there is usually a deeper explanation for that.
    Whether you’re angry at him or you’re tired of your everyday drumming room, that feeling will suppress the person who’s really you, says the caretaker Carin Goldstein.
Relationships: Four times where you should - have to be selfish
Relationships you have to be selfish